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How To Avoid Slipping In Your Freestyle Catch

In this analysis, we’re looking at a swimmer who has hit a plateau in her swim speed. What technical things can she focus on and change to help her get to that next level? The things that stand out the most for me is what the arms are doing in the entry extension and with […]


The Best Video On Pull I’ve Ever Seen, Nutrition For Swimmers, Freestyle Catch

USA Swimming’s “Pull” Presentation I posted a link to a presentation in online coaching program, I have posted that link and I have to say it’s one of the best presentations I’ve seen so check that out if you are a member. 00:05 – USA Swimming’s “Pull” Presentation 00:32 – Are You Training Too Hard? […]


Freestyle Catch Position

Australian swimmer Sam Ashby talks about the freestyle catch position and the best angle to pull through in. If you’d like more on improving your freestyle the Mastering Freestyle program is the fastest way to improve your swimming even if you haven’t improved in years.


How To Reduce Bubbles On Your Hand In Freestyle

Sam Ashby talks about reducing the bubbles on your hand in freestyle by changing the duration of your glide. The full Skype interview with Sam is available inside the Mastering Freestyle program.