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Two Drills For High Elbow Freestyle

Underwater is where it all happens. In this video you’ll notice the huge difference between an elevated elbow during the catch and a dropped elbow. There’s also one more thing which you might have missed, as you’ll soon see. Plus you’ll discover two of our favourite drills for improving your high elbow catch. In the […]


How To Develop Rhythm In Freestyle (And Get Rid of ‘Dead Spots’)

Now, if you’re like me and you’re not a very good dancer because you lack rhythm on the dance floor, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a good swimmer. In swimming, you need to have a good rhythm because it reduces the amount of dead spots in your stroke and it means that you can […]


Head Position: Where To Look In Freestyle

You can greatly improve your speed by changing your head postion.  Your head position determines your body position. It’s like the driver behind the wheel of a car, it determines where it goes. Three keys to remember about head position: Look down or slightly forward – This keeps your legs high in the water, reducing […]