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Having A Smooth Freestyle Entry

A smooth transition from your entry into your extension forward is critical in freestyle. Creating minimal drag so you’ve got that smooth transition that will get you in the correct catch position nice and early. One of the mistakes that we quite often see here is swimmers will either enter too early or too late. […]

It’s All In The Fingertips

When I’m coaching swimmers, it doesn’t matter what their level, whether they are National level swimmers and triathletes or beginners, one of the most important things is maintaining your speed in freestyle. What your fingertips do as you’re extending forward affects your speed. How It Works What we are looking for here is keeping your […]

7 Household Items You Can Use In Your Swimming Training

1. Sponge Tie a piece of elastic around the sponge and then around your waist and use the sponge as resistance. 2. Rubbish bin Make sure the bin is clean and empty and do butterfly kick under the water with fins on, holding the bin out in front of you. It will catch all of […]

How To Develop Rhythm In Freestyle (And Get Rid of ‘Dead Spots’)

Now, if you’re like me and you’re not a very good dancer because you lack rhythm on the dance floor, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a good swimmer. In swimming, you need to have a good rhythm because it reduces the amount of dead spots in your stroke and it means that you can […]

The Easy Way To Sight in Open Water

If you swim in open water whether you’re a triathlete, an open water swimmer or you just enjoy swimming out in the sea or in the lake then, you’ll need to be sighting because it’s very easy to go off track and off course if you’re not sighting. There are two main ways to sight. […]

If You Don’t Think Kick Is Important…

If you’ve worn a band in your freestyle before, some of those rubber bands or those synthetic bands that you can tie around your feet so that you don’t kick…then you’ll know just how important it is to kick to balance and time your stroke. When you’ve got a band on, it keeps your feet […]