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Olympics Day Four Wrap Up

Highlights: US Allison Schmidt controlled the 200m freestyle to comfortably win the event. Aussie Bronte Barratt picked up the bronze. Michael Phelps mistimes the finish in his pet event, the 200m butterfly to be touched out by South African Chad le Clos by 0.05. 16 year old Chinese start Shiwen Ye finishes strongly once again […]

Olympics Day One Swimming Wrap Up

The London 2012 Olympics has kicked off! It hasn’t been without its surprises in the pool though… Some of the big moments of day one were: Ryan Lochte takes out the 400 IM in style, finishing 3 seconds ahead of his nearest competitor. Michael Phelps misses out on the medals in 400 IM. Has he […]

#7 The One About Injuries (With Australian Swim Team Physio Justin McEvoy)

Download the transcript As you train more often you realise that injuries are common if you don’t do something to prevent them. Sports physio Justin McEvoy has been away with the Australian swim team treating elite swimmers such as Ian Thorpe, Grant Hackett, Michael Phelps, Roland Schoeman plus dozens of other high profile athletes. In this […]

How To Stay Focused In Training

Staying focused in training is what separates the toughest swimmers from the slackers. Sam Ashby gives some tips as to how he maintains motivation, concentration and effort in training. We talk more about elite level swimming in World’s Best Swimmer.

How To Pull With Power In Butterfly

Have you ever wondered why some people are fast butterfly swimmers and seem to cruise past others without breaking a sweat? It’s not because they’re exceptionally fit. It’s because they’ve got the technique right by developing their stroke with drills. This video is taken from the Effortless Butterfly program and gives away one of the […]

Did you hear about Phelps?

Michael Phelps has awesome technique. He is the best swimmer in the world because he can travel through the water with speed, but stay relaxed and controlled at the same time (this is key guys’). There is more to Phelps than his technique though. Check it out in the great article by ESPN. Michael Phelps […]