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As you train more often you realise that injuries are common if you don’t do something to prevent them. Sports physio Justin McEvoy has been away with the Australian swim team treating elite swimmers such as Ian Thorpe, Grant Hackett, Michael Phelps, Roland Schoeman plus dozens of other high profile athletes.

In this episode of Effortless Swimming we cover:

  • Why most physio’s have no idea about treating swimming injuries
  • How to get treatment that fixes injuries fast
  • The one thing you should always avoid if you’re injured
  • The ‘weeks off training’ to ‘weeks it takes to get back to fitness’ ratio
  • Why high profile athletes get weekly or fortnightly physio check ups

You can book in for treatment with Justin or any of the other specialist physio’s at PhysioHealth by visiting their website at PhysioHealth.com.au

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