Have you ever wondered why some people are fast butterfly swimmers and seem to cruise past others without breaking a sweat? It’s not because they’re exceptionally fit. It’s because they’ve got the technique right by developing their stroke with drills. This video is taken from the Effortless Butterfly program and gives away one of the drills that make a powerful pull in fly.

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  1. Please demonstrate proper technique for the ” flip” turn.
    Love this Web Site
    Ed Guillotte

  2. my daughter”s time in 50 butterfly is 32.69.needs to break records which is 32.11.she will turn 13 in April 14 and her last chance to try is April 11th.pls any usefull tips to help.

  3. Hi Judy,

    Sorry for the late reply. The best place to find half a second in a 50 is on the start.

    Faster reaction time, underwater kick and breakout. Most people have at least 0.5 second they can drop from the improving their first 15 meters.

    Good luck to your daughter!


  4. Hello again,
    Thank u for the 50 fly advice you gave to my daughter Judy.she could not break the record but she did a P.B OF 32.46.

    Now after she turned 13,she will be competing in Regional on May 12 and National on May 27,again I’m seeking your advice please on how to plan in competing for long races(400,200 Free and IM,back and Fly)by keeping optimum endurance.


  5. Hi Hiba,

    Do sets where you’re holding your 200 and 400 times. For example we will do 4 sets of 4×50’s holding 200 time with about 50 seconds rest inbetween each 50.

  6. Hi I love you’re website I am 11 and competed in 4 competions and I still can’t break my record which is 32.07 by the next competion which is after 1 week I have to get 30.? Please send anything to help

  7. Hello Brent,

    Judy doing as you told,to obtain optimum endurance,thank you..Now ..on her practice with her private coach,after she’s doing 95% of her effort,her pulse will be 170,(I don’t know if you can understand our middle east calculation)her coach thinks its low and the doctor said normal bcz she has high fitness,whats your opinion in this matter,as I mentioned before she just turned 13.

  8. If anybodies 50m butterfly just stand still at 28.00 what is the possible solution for that. And also if anyone have a back injury when he tries to do a dolphin kick faster,how it can be avoided ,and recover from it faster. thanking you. Sudipta Chakraborty. India.

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