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How To Adjust Your Technique While Racing

If you followed our videos in the last few weeks you will know there is more than one way to swim freestyle. If you look at Ian Thorpe versus Michael Phelps they both have very different techniques but they are both very fast swimmers. If you look at swimmers in a certain race they will […]


#9 The One About Preparation (with Australian team swimmer Sam Ashby)

Months of hard work go towards one big race. Long hours in the pool, thousands of kilometers and tens of thousands of arm strokes…all for a few minutes of racing.

In this episode we talk with Sam Ashby (who features in the Mastering Freestyle program) about what do 3 weeks out from a big meet. He talks about the stages of tapering (tapering is where you reduce the intensity of your training leading up to competition). We talk about warming up on the day of your race and what a good routine consists of