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#21 Why I Swapped Weet Bix for Bacon & Eggs (with The Natural Nutritionist Steph Lowe)

We’re back for round two for the second podcast with my favourite nutritionist, Steph Lowe of TheNaturalNutritionist.com Today we’re talking about the two big misconceptions about food. I’ve made some changes to what I eat lately based on misinformation I learnt when I was in school. Let’s get into it. Brenton Ford:     Welcome to […]


The Best Video On Pull I’ve Ever Seen, Nutrition For Swimmers, Freestyle Catch

USA Swimming’s “Pull” Presentation I posted a link to a presentation in online coaching program, I have posted that link and I have to say it’s one of the best presentations I’ve seen so check that out if you are a member. 00:05 – USA Swimming’s “Pull” Presentation 00:32 – Are You Training Too Hard? […]


#17 The One About High Performance Nutrition (with Steph Lowe)

Steph Lowe is a Nutritionist, a tri-athlete training for the Hawaiian Half Ironman, she is about to complete her master’s degree in nutrition and she specialises in sports nutrition using natural food and ingredients. In this episode of The Effortless Swimming podcast, Steph will talk about high performance nutrition for swimmers. Brenton Ford:    Welcome to […]