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Open Water Swimming: Find Feet & Hang On

The strategy we are going to talk about today is Find Feet and Hang On. You see, if you are not the fastest swimmer but you know there are swimmers out there that are slightly quicker than you then, you can swim pretty much the same pace as them for the race if you find […]

#16 The One About Becoming Triathlon World Champion (with Russell Smith)

Russell Smith is the current age group triathlon world champion in Olympic distance & Asia Pacific age group champion in Ironman.  He has been using the Effortless Swimming Workouts as part of his training program.  In this podcast, he will talk about how he is using the Effortless Swimming Workouts to succeed in triathlon. Download […]

Triathlon Swim Sets For Better Racing

This week’s triathlon news we are going to talk about how you can simulate a race in training so that you improve your performance and improve your results in your triathlon swimming races. 00:24 – Initial Speed and Fine Rhythm 01:30 – Fartlek 02:15 – Broken Swim at Race Pace All these types of workouts […]

How To Break 10 Hours In An Ironman

It’s not easy to break 10 hours in an Ironman. But with these ten tips from Kerry Sullivan from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, you’ll learn how the fast Ironman triathletes can cross the finish line with single digit hours still showing on the clock, and how you can do it too. 1. Get Lean […]