Russell Smith is the current age group triathlon world champion in Olympic distance & Asia Pacific age group champion in Ironman.  He has been using the Effortless Swimming Workouts as part of his training program.  In this podcast, he will talk about how he is using the Effortless Swimming Workouts to succeed in triathlon.

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00:48 – About Russell Smith’s Triathlon Career
01:36 – About the World Champ Race in Auckland
02:31 – Winning the Triathlon Through the Swim
03:13 – How Russell Uses the Effortless Swimming Workouts Program into His Training Program
4:22 – The Typical Workout Look from the Program
06:00 – Does Warm Ups Set Russell Up to Perform Better for the Main Set?
07:10 – A Common Triathlon Mistake
08:10 – What’s Next for Russell?
09:13 – The London World Championships
10:05 – Get in Touch with Russell Smith at GoBeyondLimits