As we end a wonderful year, here’s a collection of the best podcast snippets for 2018. Enjoy!

00:47 How to Work on the Right Things with John Mullen
03:01 Laser vs the Lantern
05:12 Train in Manual, Race in Automatic
07:23 Move your Big Rock First
09:01 How to Train for 10km plus Swims with Lisandra Carvalho
12:05 Simple Changes Big Results with Gary Hurring
16:44 Race on Instinct Avoid_Over Thinking with Grant Giles
19:39 How Do I Know If My Child Is Talented With Wayne Goldsmith
23:26 Uncovering The Breath Training Secrets Used By Olympic Swimmers
29:22 Rottnest Recap With Winners Solomon Wright and Heidi Gan
30:54 Swim By Feel Not By Data
37:13 How to Fuel for the English Channel with Tara Diversi
39:09 How Body Composition Affects Your Swimming with Andre Ho-Peng
42:43 The Ultimate Way to Reset Your Body with Bevan Mckinnon
47:41 Conquering The 40km Crossing Of Lake Taupo With Vicky Tate
56:05 What You Believe Will Make You Freeze
01:01:15 The Fearless Mind with Professional Triathlete Angela Naeth
01:06:24 How To Swim 10 Faster in 9 Months with Jason Hamilton
01:08:29 120 From Commonwealth Games to Coach Rory Buck
01:12:31 It Doesn’t Need to Look Pretty With Brent Hayden
01:16:38 The SwimRun Revolution with Brecas Ben de Rivaz
01:19:49 Why Squatting Can Help You Swim Faster
01:23:57 How Australian Olympic Swimmers Improve Mobility with Tom Barton And Jeff Grace
01:26:01 Things We Learned From Hell Week
01:29:03 Learning From Disaster With Shipwreck Survivor and Professional Triathlete Els Visser

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