The One About Run Mechanics For Swimmers (with Olympic Run Coach Bobby McGee)

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Bobby McGee

“He runs like a swimmer”.

Yep, we swimmers have a look about us when we’re running that makes us look like ‘fish out of water’. This podcast is all about how a legendary run coach is changing that.

Bobby McGee, 5x Olympic run coach joins me on this episode of the Effortless Swimming podcast. This is the second time I’ve had Bobby on because not only does he know so much about running, but it’s really interesting to hear his perspective on training, technique and the different elements that go into running because it translates into swimming.

I’m a strong believer in running as cross training for swimming. It makes the body leaner, more athletic and helps with coordination. In this episode we chat about run mechanics and how to change the some of the common flaws swimmers have when running. You can start to look like a runner!

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Bobby’s Run Transformation course

2:00 – Bobby McGee: 31 years of coaching and counting…
2:30 – It’s never going to be final or you can just “push it”!
4:45 – Run Transformation: 10 hours of jam-packed information
6:40 – Take your training to heart.
6:55 – You are the coach of your own technique and fitness.
7:50 – Find out what’s custom-fit for you.
8:30 – Do I re-invent the wheel or be consistent?
8:50 – The Pareto Principle: 80/20 Rule to Training
10:10 – Tempted to things that are “sexy”…
10:50 – Running is a primal sport.
11:10 – Swimming is spiritual.
11: 30 – It’s not about teaching you how to run but…
12:17 – Good coaches simplify.
13: 50 – Volume will make fitness but frequency make skill.
14:25 – It’s about success after success after success…
14: 35 – The Russian Female Tennis Program
15:00 – You have to wait.
16:13 – Switch off the conscious brain.
17:40 – The more you are trained in your run form the quicker your run returns to you.
18:30 – What are the common flaws that swimmers have when they move into running?
19:15 – Swimmers have wonderful discipline.
20:00 – Ways to increase bone density of swimmers
20:55 – Swimmers think more with their upper body more than runners do.
21:55 – Movement in running is extremely different when it comes to muscle function compared to swimming
23:55 – Swimmers can’t run but they can last forever.
24:55 – Are there any similarities between swimming and running?
31:45 – The Holographic Approach to Sports
33:00 – The Effortless Freestyle DVD
34:00 – Coaches are not superheroes nor magicians.
35:50 – It is about mastering the movement.
36:09 – If you run 100% of your capacity, you will fall apart.
36:30 – How to Beat Hawaii Ironman champion Mirinda Carfrae
41:30 – The Brain and The Body
43:30 – Pacing is the key.
44:25 – “Go out at what you think is the right pace and then back off.”
47:50 – Being smart is much more enjoyable.
48:20 – Don’t be an investment banker. Putting time in endurance events does not work.
51:00 – Trivia: Which Olympic swimmer doesn’t touch the water for 4 months of the year?
52:35 – Wayne Goldsmith’s stuff is amazing!
54:00 – Why are drills important?
59:40 – Taking it from a coach’s point of view…

Bobby’s knowledge about running is incredible. His Run Transformation course is like downloading his brain and having access to his years of experience. Watch this intriguing 10-minute video on the page of Bobby’s Run Transformation course.

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Amazing swimming and fitness podcast

Love, love, love listening to Brenton and his guests. Always learning something new to add to my swim sets with drills or training sets. Also very motivational guests with great tips to add to your fitness routine. I love the stories of the longer distant swims and what’s involved. I’m always smiling after listening to these podcasts!! Thank you so much !!!!



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Brenton and Mitch were great to work with at the clinic, Good to get video analysis to work on straight away, practice some new drills and go home knowing what you need to work on.

Alex McFadyen