Renee Trost is a Naturopath in Melbourne. Renee has a background in field hockey. She was an Australian team member for a number of years. She played in World Cups, World Championships, the Champions Trophy and was also in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. In this podcast we discuss strategies on how to feel better and have more energy.

Naturopath Renee Trost00:46 – What is Naturopathy?
01:00 – Feeling Better, Competing Better
01:19 – How does nutrition played a part in your recovery and performance?
01:40 – There is more you can get out of food.
02:30 – The Cornerstone of Every Meal
03:10 – Big Bang!
03:40 – Nutritional Value Over Calories
04:30 – Sports drinks or fruit juices?
05:36 – To pop the pill or not…
06:40 – Use food as medicine.
07:30 – How anti-inflammatory pills worsens a lot of high-level sports athletes.
09:05 – Turmeric:  A Powerful Anti-Inflammatory
11:21 – Coconut oil is phenomenal!
11:49 – Cut Out on Gluten.
12:42 – What’s the next thing?
14:00 – The Hype About Beetroot Juice
15:22 – The Beet It Shop
16:20 – Juice it.
16:40 – Investing on a really good blender,  juicer and food processor.
17:40 – Athletes don’t belong in the kitchen.
19:00 – What cases does athletes consult a naturopath for?
21:45 – Cherries and bananas…
23:00 – The Truth About Lollies and Coke
24:08 – Sugar Crash!
25:23 – Athletes should invest in their bodies.
26:31 – Good bacteria is recommended to aid proper digestion.
28:10 – See a professional.
29:05 – Practitioner-prepared supplements vs over-the-counter supplements
31:09 – Your health is all that matters.

If you haven’t got much energy throughout the day or if you are having some stomach or gut problems while you’re training, you can drop Renee a line at [email protected] or you can call Peak Potential.

The clinic is 20 minutes out of Melbourne. If you are interstate or overseas, you can schedule a Skype consultation, just contact Renee by email.