This week Vicky Tate, who has recently become one of less than a hundred swimmers to complete the 40-kilometer crossing of Lake Taupo, joins us in the podcast.  I met Vicky last year when she joined us for Hell Week in Thailand and we talk about everything from how Hell Week helped her, to the pacing of a long swim, feeding during the swim, motivation during the swim and much more.

Join us as we talk about her experience.

00:30 – From not being able to swim a “k” to a 40 km straight swim.
02:01 – The only thing that is going to stop you is you.
04:58 – Techniques taken from Hellweek.
07:57 – How was it like mentally?
09:09 – Swim pacing in Lake Taupo.
10:30–  Motivation during the swim.
12:33 – “Don’t look forward and don’t look back”.
13:36 – Singing songs and counting your strokes.
19:50 – Feeding during the swim.
22:08 – Lake Taupo.
27:28 – Our mind can get accustomed quickly.
34:37 – The help of the community.

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