Andrew Lauterstein

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In this episode we look inside the mindset and training regime of top level sprinters. Our guest, Olympic butterflyer and freestyler Andrew Lauterstein talks about:

  • The feeling of being in an Olympic final, the pressure and nerves before a race and he breaks down his 100m butterfly final in the 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • Racing with the strategy of ‘not trying’ so that technique, rhythm and feel fall into place easier
  • Why starting your catch early in the stroke can lead to faster sprinting
  • What to focus on in butterfly for a smooth and powerful stroke
  • Why he now does straight arm freestyle rather than bent arm freestyle

We cover much more in this episode of ‘Sprinting Power’ with Andrew Lauterstein. You can listen to the Effortless Swimming podcast above or by subscribing to us in iTunes.