File_000In this 3-part series of The Effortless Swimming Podcast we have one our favourite swim coaches returning to join us, Eney Jones. In Part One, we talk about cues and analogies for faster swimming. In the second podcast, we’ll talk about gear and toys for faster swimming and the third podcast of this series is about racing and rhythm and how you can put everything together to get a better result in your triathlon or swimming race.

01:54 – The Importance of Cues and Analogies to Help Triathletes and Swimmers Improve
04:45 – Punching The Monkey and SuperHero Posture
06:50 – The Power Diamond
07:17 – When Fear, Nervousness and Panic Comes into Play
08:40 – Engaging The Stronger Muscles
11:40 – Short on time…
14:44 – The Importance of Different Connections
16:19 – Top Swimmers and Triathletes Have The Drive at The Front
17:32 – You Don’t Wake Up and Be Missy Franklin or Michael Phelps
17:51 – So Much Bad Swimming Happens in Slow Swimming

Watch out for the 2nd episode of this series where Eney and Brenton explore what they have in their swimming bags and some toys that they like to use for training. Find out more about Eney at

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