blankThis is part 2 of the 3-part podcast series that I’m doing with Eney Jones. In this episode, we’ll talk about gear and toys we can use to improve technique, rhythm and feel for the water.

01:00 – What’s inside Eney’s swimming bag?
03:00 – The Best Accessory You Can Have
03:40 – The Real Success In Sport
05:00 – You’ll Love The Eney Buoy
06:40 – Check out  Ameo Power Breather
08:50 – DMC Fins Are So Much Better
11:06 – Teaching Swimming is Like Teaching Dancing
14:30 – Hart Swimming Sponge To Develop Strength and Power
18:10 – Use Finis Tempo Trainer in Two Ways
21:16 – The Search for the Ultimate Goggles

Also mentioned in this podcast were Engine Swim paddles. Watch out for the last episode of this 3-part series about Racing and Rhythm.

If you haven’t listened to part 1 on Cues, click here…

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