When you are looking to breath to your other side in freestyle, sometimes it can be challenging because most of the time you’re used to breathing in to one side and the other side, you haven’t got that practiced and sometimes isn’t as comfortable as it is breathing to the opposite side. So if you want to develop your other side in freestyle when you’re breathing, then a good drill to do is kicking on your side with one arm by your side, one arm at your front and you have your head down when you’re not breathing.

But when you need to breath, you bring your head to the side. And that’s going to get you used to what your body needs to do when you take that breath. It’s going to get you comfortable breathing to the opposite side. And another tip with that is, rather than breathing every 3 or 5 strokes to help develop your bilateral breathing then you can try breathing every 2 strokes to your opposite side. So you might do 50 meters breathing to your left side, 50 meters breathing to your right side and that’s a good way if you don’t like doing the bilateral breathing, that’s a good way to help develop your other side.

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