christian schwaerzler

Our guest in this episode is Christian Schwaerzler, a triathlete who attended our Melbourne Freestyle clinic. He is an author, corporate coach and a speaker.

Christian weighed 135 kgs five years ago and he is now down to around 75 kgs. He lost 60 kgs as a result of changing his lifestyle, diet and exercise. He finished the Melbourne Ironman recently and training for another race in Zurich this year.

01:30 – Meet Marty McFly
02:31- How Commitment Overruled Fear
03:45 – It wasn’t love at first try…
05:14 – How Lifestyle Change Can Help you Lose Weight
05:45 – I lost 25 Kilos in 2 Months
08:14 – The Relationship of Health & Fitness with Business & Productivity
10:56 – Human Beings are Designed to Move
11:42 – 30 Minutes Can Go a Long Way
12:16 – Work your ass off or be smart about it…
13:20 – When Losing is a Good Thing…
15:05 – The Typical Day of a Type A Personality
16:43 – “Habits will set you free.”
18:15 – Work-Life Balance is Key.
19:13 – Physical Well-Being is Productive.
19:40 – What’s your motivation?
20:40 – Leadership by Example
21:37 – Train hard – and smarter.

Get in touch with Christian through his website or Twitter @thechoicenator