Race Ready With Gerry Rodrigues of Tower 26In this episode, we have Gerry Rodrigues of Tower 26. Tower 26 is a well-known swimming group in Santa Monica, United States where Gerry coaches a number of athletes (mostly triathletes).

Listen in as Gerry discusses:

  • the difference between training a swimmer versus training a triathlete
  • his philosophy in swimming
  • his approach in workouts
  • how he structure his programs

01:28 – The Outliers
02:59 – The Structural Presence of The Body
03:56 – The Importance of “Alignment”
04:36 – Is your hand generating propulsion in the water?
08:27 – Why Technique is Not The Holy Grail
09:45 – How To Get The Most Out of Your Time Investment
15:16 – The Best Way To Get Yourself Race-Ready
19:39 – Extracting Absolute Performance at A Very Short Period of Time
25:20 – What Are The Demands of The Race?
31:16 – Good Skill Building + Appropriate Training Protocols = 2 to 3 Minutes Per Mile

To learn more about Gerry and his work, visit www.Tower26.com


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