What can you focus on in your next triathlon swim or open water swim to hold a faster pace?

I did my first 70.3 distance event recently in Ballarat, Australia. I swum 22:44 for the 1.9km and was the fastest age grouper and 5th overall out of the water.


There are a few things I was thinking about during the swim that helped me have a good race, hold a strong pace and come out of the water feeling relatively fresh which I share in this podcast.

01:02 – Your technique should be automatic
02:34 – Sight and breathe method
03:10 – The Rhythm
04:11 – Am I swimming fast and is it sustainable?
04:35 – Controlling Your Heart Rate
05:10 – Why It’s Important to Swim Your Own Race
05:48 – Good Alignment vs Recovery
06:10 – The Best Way To Be Balanced in The Water
06:50 – How To Not Be A Victim

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