steph saulloIn this podcast, we have Steph Saullo. Steph empowers people to learn how to make the best nutrition-based choices for themselves and their goals. Her professional and academic credentials include a master’s degree in food and nutrition and Registered Dietitian.

In this episode, Steph will share with us how you can get better performance in your swimming or triathlon by fuelling yourself better.

We’ll cover:

  • fundamentals in nutrition that every athlete should know
  • common misconceptions about food and nutrition
  • case studies of athletes that Steph has worked with
  • what types of athletes should get a personal plan from their nutritionist and why they should do it
  • supplements and what type of athletes should take them

02:43 – What is Nutrient Timing
04:00 – The One Thing We Should Get Enough Of
04:15 – Truth About Protein
05:39 – Maximizing Muscle Protein Synthesis
12:05- When To Start Refuelling During Training
20:05 – How They Got Better Results When They Changed Their Diet
23:30 – The Missing Piece
26:00 – Coming from an outside source…
28:12 – Look at the labels

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