saramclartyIn this episode of the Effortless Swimming Podcast, we have Sara McLarty. She is a professional triathlete and a swimming coach based in Clermont, Florida.

We’ll talk about how to become a better swimmer by making adjustments to your strokes and technique coming from the pool into the open water.

In December, I’ll be with Sara running the swim section at the Triathlon Research Camp in Florida with Gwen Jorgensen (one of the most successful WTS triathletes of all time) and her coach Jamie Turner.

To know more about this camp, go to

01:30 – The Problem with Stroke Rate
03:07 – From Perfection in the Pool to Open water
05:30 – Preparing for that intial adrenaline…
11:51 – Developing A Sense of Pacing & Effort
16:12 – “Every single workout given by a coach has a goal.”
20:36 – The Importance of Swimming Straight
24:40 – Mimicking Open Water Conditions
29:42 – The Fun of Not Knowing What You’re Going To Do
31:00 – The Most Common Newbie Swimmer Mistakes and How To Correct Them
39:15 – Start with the basics…

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