Jeff Grace is a yoga instructor and therapist from Vancouver, Canada. His specialty is swimming-specific yoga having worked with and studied under a number of Olympic coaches and swimmers. He’s also developed a program to help swimmers improve their swimming mobility and strength through yoga.

In this podcast, we discussed the benefits of yoga, improvements to body awareness and specific movements that can help you biomechanically in the pool.

  2:20 – Jeff Grace introduction to Effortless Swimming
  3:00 – Benefits of Yoga
  7:35 – Exaggerating the change to make a difference
  9:10 – Mobility and Range
10:15 – The crossover
12:34 – Importance of gymnastics in body awareness
14:50 – When wrong feels right and right feels wrong
16:34 – Talking about Sport – Specific Yoga
18:33 – Yoga for swimming
21:27 – Injury prevention
27:54 – Movement with ease
30:02 – Effortless effort
31:36 – The mental side of things
34:07 – Thinking about nothing
45:00 – Swimming is all about feel

Jeff’s yoga program for swimmers is available at

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