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Stroke Count and Distance Per Stroke

As we lead in the competitions, one of the things we focus on is stroke count and distance per stroke. How We Use It Training We’ll typically swim an easy and relaxed 50m, counting how many strokes we take for the lap. Then we’ll go a set of 10-20 100’s with 20 seconds rest in between. What […]

Having A Smooth Freestyle Entry

A smooth transition from your entry into your extension forward is critical in freestyle. Creating minimal drag so you’ve got that smooth transition that will get you in the correct catch position nice and early. One of the mistakes that we quite often see here is swimmers will either enter too early or too late. […]

You Won’t Believe Which Wetsuit Is Fastest

Have you ever wondered wetsuit is fastest – a sleeved or sleeveless? Is there a difference? You might be surprised by the results of a 400 meter time trial I did recently. I was lucky enough to borrow a sleeved and sleeveless Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit from Craig Percival from Aquashop in South Melbourne. I went to the […]

Performance Pacing with Wayne Goldsmith

Wayne Goldsmith is a thought leader in the swimming coaching community. We talk about Ultra Short Race Pace Training (developed by Brent Rushall) which is starting to become a more widely used training method. I came across an article about a young swimmer in the US called Michael Andrew who is breaking age group records […]

[How to Fix] Trying Harder But Not Swimming Faster

This week I’ve got a challenge for you. I want to challenge you to try what I’m about to talk about. To see if you can get an increase in speed by trying this one thing. In the next few weeks we’re releasing the Effortless Freestyle DVD which we’ve been working on for the last couple of […]

How To Swim A Faster 50 Breaststroke

On the weekend one of the swimmers that I coach, Stuart Moffat, broke the world record for the 50 breaststroke short course in the 50-54 years age group. The world record was 30.61. Stu went 30.48 with a great swim. (**Update** Due to a technicality at the meet itself it can’t be counted as a […]