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Should You Wear A Wetsuit?

Do you need to wear a wetsuit? I have been doing a number of triathlons lately and what I have noticed is that in the shorter events, the sprint triathlons where you are doing 400m – 500m swim the majority of swimmers are wearing wetsuits when the water is not to cold. I believe based […]

Why Being Fit Doesn’t Equal Being Fast

A lot of triathletes are very fit cardiovascular-wise; they have built up their engine so they can run for a long time and bike for a long time. If you find that your swimming is not up to scratch to where you would like it to be then it might be because you haven’t developed […]

Open Water Swimming Tip – Punch & Flow

When you’re swimming in open water and it’s choppy, you might need to adjust your strokes so you’re swimming with more punch and flow. So what does that mean exactly? Swimming with more punch and flow means that you’re entering the water a little bit more forcefully. So you’re entering with a bit more force […]

Smart Training Hacks For Triathletes

In this video I am going to share with you some smart training hacks for you to improve your triathlon swim training. In the recent triathlon world championships held in New Zealand, one of our swimmers who uses the Effortless Swimming Workouts won his age group in the 45-49 years age group for Olympic distance […]

Triathlon Swim Sets For Better Racing

This week’s triathlon news we are going to talk about how you can simulate a race in training so that you improve your performance and improve your results in your triathlon swimming races. 00:24 – Initial Speed and Fine Rhythm 01:30 – Fartlek 02:15 – Broken Swim at Race Pace All these types of workouts […]

Is There A ‘Secret Sauce’?

This week we will look at –  “Is there a secret sauce to become a better swimmer”.  We’ve also got a technique workshop coming up in Melbourne which we’ve got the dates to watch out for at the end of this video. 00:17 – Is There A “Secret Sauce”? 00:51 – Why The Fundamentals Don’t […]