Andy AndersonAndy Anderson is the co-founder of Ultimate You Change Centres.

He is famous for the ‘9 in 6’ program. A program that aims to help people lose 9 kilos in 6 weeks. This program has a 90-95% success rate with his clients that do the program. Andy and Brenton discuss how swimmers and triathletes can use the same shifts in mindset and belief to become better athletes.

In this podcast:

  • The magic of six weeks
  • how to follow through on your biggest goals even when you don’t feel like it
  • Andy’s favourite tools for lasting change
  • mindset strategies for mental toughness (that actually work)

02:30 – Is fast change possible?
06:50 – How To Get People Uncover Their Vision
07:38 – Our Invisible Limitations
11:04 – The Question That Will Help You Gain Clarity with Your Vision
16:35 – Believe it’s going to work…
21:15 – On Pain and Pleasure
21:31 – What’s your BIG Why
32:22 –  What Happens After 66 Days
33:40 – Embrace the uncomfortable.
41:29 – How Getting Good Nutrition Helps You Have a Great Day

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