Travis MahoneyIn this episode of The Effortless Swimming Podcast, we have Travis Mahoney, he is an Australian Swim Team member. He started specialising in swimming at a later age of 16. He qualified for the 2014 Commonwealth Games where he placed 6th in the 400 IM. Now, he is training towards the 2016 Olympic Team.

In this podcast, we talk about:

– How Travis started swimming at a later age.
– What he does on his day-to-day training
– His approach to mindset, diet, stretching and rest
– His stroke and what he is doing to improve

02:30 – How Starting Late Can Motivate You
07:00 – Finding out what you are good at…
11:07 – Endorphine Rush Drowns The Pain
13:14 – My Glandular Fever Story
20:00 – Travis’ Meal Plan
21:30 – Practice, Focus and Switching Off
25:40 – Training in 4 Week Blocks
32:24 – The Saturday Anaconda
33:05 – That last 2 hours before bed…
37:52 – Travis’ New Breaststroke Technique

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