James O'Connor JocX PodcastOur guest in this episode of The Effortless Swimming Podcast is James O’Connor. He is a success and leadership coach at Elite Team Leadership where he works with a wide range of sports and athletes to help them improve their results in their chosen field. He is also host of the JocX podcast.

In this podcast we talked about:

  • How to build the right culture and environment within your team
  • How to drill down deep on what’s motivating you
  • How to use your motivation to get better results

01:50 – James’ Story To Becoming a Success and Leadership Coach
04:19 – Vision, Value, Goals, Behaviors
10:07 – The Importance of Writing Down Your Vision
12:08 – An Idea of Reality
19:48 – What Makes a Good Coach
23:50 – Teach them in a language they understand.
28:00 – How to Produce High Performing Teams
31:07 – The Big Shift
32:40 – “Stick to your path and keep wearing your short shorts.”

To learn more about James’ work you can find his podcast here and visit his website: www.eliteteamleadership.com.au


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