Tabitha Jones is a previous Hell Week camp attendee. Since coming to Thailand with us last year, she’s take more than 20 seconds off per 100m over a half ironman distance swim. An impressive achievement in 8 months! Tabitha shares with us the things that have helped her do this from changes to technique, workouts, how she approaches races and the different attitude she takes towards her swimming.

  1:20 –  Her story behind triathlon
  4:15 –  Why she decided to join us in Thailand
  8:15 –  Lessons from Hell Week
  8:34 –  Quality vs Quantity
  9:04 –  Being Consistent
10:58 –  Discovering the purpose behind training sets
13:00 –  The biggest takeaway from Hell Week
18:08 –  How to plan and structure training
19:20 –  Why strength is important
24:00 –  Levelling up

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