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Training Your Mind To Finish An 894km Race with Melissa Urie

Melissa Urie is the first woman to complete 895km Uberman Ultra-Triathlon. In this podcast episode, she shares her experience during the race, doing training, and getting through the race with the use of mental strategies to survive the tough times. 5:22 Training For Uberman 10:23 The Power of A Positive Mindset 12:43 Proving Yourself That […]


How To Keep Your Open Water Swims Interesting

Welcome back to another podcast episode! Today, I’ll be sharing my top tips for making your open water swimming enjoyable and more challenging. Listen on in! 00:27 What Are the Drills You Can Do?1:47 How to Break Down Or Structure An Open Water Swim3:37 Don’t Overthink It!3:56 Overcome Open Water Swim Anxiety5:55 Progressively Make Your […]


Eliminate Bad Habits And Master The Fundamentals With Andrew Read

In today’s episode, we are joined by a lifelong trainer and athlete Andrew Read as he talks about his program 28-day Challenge. Andrew talks through how important going back to the basics is and some of the necessary skills to influence your success at living a healthy lifestyle. 4:19 Creating A Mindset Component5:32 Going Back […]