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The Distance Trap

Don’t get caught in the distance trap where you’re more focused on how far you do in a training session than what you do in a training session. Unless you are training for the English Channel, an ironman or a long distance event, then you are better off focusing on what you do in a training session […]


How To Plan Your Swim Season

Here’s a few simple tips you can use when structuring your swim season. Start with technique – When starting your season begin with drills, stroke count, sculling, kicking and other technique focused activities. It’s better to start the season with good technique otherwise it can be slower to change when you’re in heavy training. Build […]


Swimming Workouts Explained

“I love training!” – This is a phrase you can either relate with, or completely disagree with. But if you think it’s something you don’t have a choice in…lay back on the couch and finish off that bag of chips. You’re already ruled out. Loving or hating swimming training comes down to the type of […]