EneyCoaching_pageThis is the 3rd episode in this 3-part series of interviews with swim coach Eney Jones. In this episode we’ll talk all about racing and rhythm in your freestyle.

Let’s get into it!

00:45 – The Final Piece of The Puzzle
01:10 – On what Eney considers when looking for someone’s rhythm…
02:39 – Do a YouTube Search on Katie Ledecky
03:30 – Who Could Benefit From a Gallop in Their Stroke
04:38 – A Brilliant Alternative to Finis Tempo Trainer
07:10 – The Right Way, The Wrong Way and The Many Ways
10:37 – Easy Speed, Rhythm and the Power Phase
14:07 – Being Comfortable at threshold
19:49 – When Effortless is Hard Work
21:40 – Swimming nurtures you.

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Find out more about Eney Jones at EneyJones.com

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