katee pediciniIn this episode of The Effortless Swimming Podcast, we have Katee Pedicini. Katee is the author of “Healing The Grumpy Athlete”. We will talk about her background, health and wellness and her inspiration for writing her book.

00:33 – Holistic Endurance
01:19 – How Women Can Embrace Their Hormones to Achieve Better Performance
04:40 – “You should be training the least amount of hours to achieve your goals.”
06:14 – Do the fundamentals right.
09:00 – How Hormone Imbalance Relates To Weight Loss/Gain
15:15 – Your Body’s Big Sigh of Relief
12:35 – Recommended Changes for Athletes with Hormone Imbalance
18:44 – How Heart Rate Variability Can Help Athletes
22:32 – Back off or go for it.
24:40 – How to Minimize Sickness

To follow Katee’s work, visit her website www.holisticendurance.com.au
To get Katee’s book ‘Healing The Grumpy Athlete’ visit here: http://www.holisticendurance.com.au/product/ebook/

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