eric_neilson_coachEric Neilsen is a multisport coach and consultant who works with athletes of all abilities from novice to professional, by providing personalised services that empower clients to achieve their full athletic potential.

Eric shares how he quit his corporate career to become a full-time coach and how he uses the ABC’s of optimal health and training to change the lives of his athletes.

01:11 – The Shift from Corporate to Health and Wellness
08:45 – The Different Ways to Swim Fast
14:30 – The Nice Transfer of Momentum and Energy
15:00 – The Water Polo Drill
25:44 – Working with Kids and How They are Sponges
31:00 – A Different Level of “Buy-in”
37:50 – Snorkel and Rhythm
43:15 – A is for Adequate Sleep
43:49 – B is for Balanced Nutrition
44:45 – C is for Consistency in Exercise

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