In this podcast, we welcome back Eney Jones who is a successful Master’s swimmer, open water swimmer and accomplished triathlete. She lives and works in Boulder, Colorado and has worked with many of the top triathletes to help them improve their swimming. She is also the creator of the Eney Bouy
She was on the podcast many times before talking about technique, posture, tempo, catch and pull, open water racing tips and awareness in the open water. In this episode, we talked about her latest research on swimming fast in open water. This episode is one you shouldn’t miss!

03:22 – Being in the lab
05:09 – The Split Tempo
05:48 – Understanding the power phase
06:37 – Access your core
07:43 – A better understanding of recovery
08:55 – The Gallop
14:22 – The Chinese Take out
15:20 – Engaging the core
16:10 – Manipulating body position
17:54 – Learning to be high in the water
18:34 – Grabbing the lat
18:40 – The Backwards Namaste
19:00 – The Fiddle Faddle
19:32 – The Tap Back Drill
20:46 – Finding the rhythm like dancing
22:30 – The Salamander Oblique
24:52 – Bringing in the technique to the triathlete world
26:20 – Over rotating
27:34 – The Kitty Petting
29:17 – Being mobile (Mobility)
34:08 – The first impression
34:40 – What somebody’s doing right
35:22 – Thinking too much can be a huge problem
37:25 – Opportunities for greatness
41:45 – Being afraid of the open water
44:06 – Realizing who you are

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