In news this week:

  • Keep Your Goals To Yourself [0:07] – Repeated psychology tests have shown you have a better chance at achieving your goals when you keep them to yourself. Share them with your coach, but when it comes to your family, friends and coworkers – you might be better off keeping it quiet. This video explains it in more detail.
  • When To Start Kicking Off The Wall [0:43]– Starting your kick as soon as you push off the wall after a turn will slow you down. You are travelling fastest immediately after you push off. Only start to kick once you begin losing speed. Just like a cyclist will only start pedalling after a hill when they start to slow down.
  • Open Water Swimmers Still Train In The Pool [1:22] – Pool swimming allows you to track and measure your swimming. You can get your splits, track your distance and get a feel for your pace better than when you are training on the open water. Open water training is still important for experience and open water skills, but pool swimming is important.
  • Coaching Makes You A Better Swimmer [1:58] – Try your hand at coaching or watching other swimmers from pooldeck. You’ll start to see the commonalities between the faster swimmers. There’s not one ideal technique, and seeing the differences between swimmers helps you notice where you can improve your own technique.
  • Theraband Exercises Improve Shoulder Stability (And Prevent Injury) [3:04] – Therabands are long elastic cords. Many professional swimmers use them before training or warm up because they activate the muscles that stabilise your shoulders. The theraband exercises I recommend are in SwimGymPro and for these exercises I use the light resistance therabands.

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