Lisandra de Carvalho has been a friend of mine for almost eight years. She comes from a competitive swimming background and now focuses primarily on open water events. In this episode, we discuss everything to do with long distance open water swimming. Lisandra has raced the 19.7km Rottnest channel swim solo on three occasions and as a duo on one occasion. If you are planning to do an open water race of 10 km or more, this podcast will teach you everything you need.

01:20 – Lisandra’s preparation for the Rottnest Channel swim for the past couple years.
05:40 – Her training towards the swim.
08:38 – Testing the physical and mental toughness.
13:50 – Staying present and thinking of the technique.
14:53 – Practice mental exercises
15:54 – Keeping warm in the race.
30:17 – Preparing yourself mentally



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