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Open Water Swimming: Find Feet & Hang On

The strategy we are going to talk about today is Find Feet and Hang On. You see, if you are not the fastest swimmer but you know there are swimmers out there that are slightly quicker than you then, you can swim pretty much the same pace as them for the race if you find […]

The Two Biggest Kicking Mistakes

We look at how to improve your kick, we’ve got a sprinting tip if you’re a 50 or 100m swimmer, and we’ll look at getting back to basics and what that can do for you. Now with kick, there’s two main mistakes that I see made. 00:16 – The Two Biggest Kicking Mistakes 00:47 – […]

Why Swimmers Have A Bad Training Session

There’s usually three reasons why your training times are off if you’re not swimming well in training.  And that is either you are sick, fatigued or inflexible.  And I just want to focus on the third one for the moment:  the inflexibility.  Now it’s usually one of the main reasons why swimmers’ times are off […]

Freestyle vs Other Strokes in Training

Freestyle is the best stroke to use for aerobic and anaerobic sets. They are the longer sets where you’re training in the lower and medium heart rate zones. It’s harder to train these energy system with form stroke so even if you’re not a freestyler, it is the best stroke to use for these kinds of sets. Form stroke is best used for threshold and speed training. So those sets where you are doing repeat 50’s with a lot of rest but at high intensity and short & sharp sprints.

#8 The English Channel Episode (with Chloe McCardel)

Being the second female and second Australian to complete a double crossing of the English Channel, Chloe McCardel is one of Australia’s best marathon swimmers. She’s won the prestigious 46km Manhattan Island race and is now gearing up for a triple-crossing of the English Channel