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The One About Yoga and Mindset with Mark Breadner

In this episode of The Effortless Swimming podcast, our guest is Mark Breadner. Mark has done a lot of work with the Australian team in relation to some strength and conditioning work, some mindset training. Mark is going to talk about that and how you can implement it into your own swimming and triathlon training […]

Stroke Count and Distance Per Stroke

As we lead in the competitions, one of the things we focus on is stroke count and distance per stroke. How We Use It Training We’ll typically swim an easy and relaxed 50m, counting how many strokes we take for the lap. Then we’ll go a set of 10-20 100’s with 20 seconds rest in between. What […]

Having A Smooth Freestyle Entry

A smooth transition from your entry into your extension forward is critical in freestyle. Creating minimal drag so you’ve got that smooth transition that will get you in the correct catch position nice and early. One of the mistakes that we quite often see here is swimmers will either enter too early or too late. […]

The One About Swimming Holidays with Aaron Davis

In this podcast, my guest is Aaron Davis from Venture. Aaron runs an adventure travel company . He is the one running the behind the scenes logistics for The Great Ocean Road Trip in February 2014. The reason why I am running this trip with Aaron is because I want to be able to focus […]

The One About Going Natural (with Renee Trost)

Renee Trost is a Naturopath in Melbourne. Renee has a background in field hockey. She was an Australian team member for a number of years. She played in World Cups, World Championships, the Champions Trophy and was also in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. In this podcast we discuss strategies on how to feel better […]

The One About Run Mechanics For Swimmers (with Olympic Run Coach Bobby McGee)

“He runs like a swimmer”. Yep, we swimmers have a look about us when we’re running that makes us look like ‘fish out of water’. This podcast is all about how a legendary run coach is changing that. Bobby McGee, 5x Olympic run coach joins me on this episode of the Effortless Swimming podcast. This […]