Simon GriffithsSimon Griffiths is the founder and publisher of H2Open Magazine. H2Open Magazine is a magazine about open water swimming and everything that incorporates races and swims around the world.

Simon will be sharing:

  • his experience about open water swimming
  • his recommendations about the best places to swim around the world to do open water swimming and races
  • the rabbit hole in open water swimming
  • and where the sport is going

01:36 – Why did you start H2Open Magazine?
04:35 – What I love About Open Water Swimming
05:40 – Winter Swimming is Getting Popular
06:32 – Challenge yourself in different ways.
11:23 – Costa Brava, Spain
14:49 – My Favorite Swimming Location in Australia
16:25 – “Too many (swimming) places, not enough time.”
16:30 – Where The Sport is Going
16:55 – Divergence from Triathlon-Style Events
24:08 – Swim-Run vs Triathlon

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