If you’re looking to improve your butterfly, then it makes sense to improve your rhythm because butterfly is all about rhythm. Here’s two drills from our Effortless Butterfly program which you can find at EffortlessButterfly.com and that’s a training program where we go through a series of drills which will take you step-by-step through the stroke in order to develop your feeling, your timing and your rhythm for butterfly.

These are two really good drills to help develop that rhythm. They’re good to do in a warm up or in a technique session to enhance the feeling of your rhythm in butterfly.

Front Kick (Hands by Side)
This drill helps you become comfortable with your kick and raising your head to breath. To do this drill, kick on your front with your hand by your side. Every 2 dolphin kicks, lift your head just out of the water and take your breath. You can see Jeremy breathing every 4 or 5 kicks in some of his strokes which is okay to do. I prefer swimmers to breathe every 2 kicks as it helps become familiar with the timing of the breathing in butterfly swimming.

how to swim butterflyKeyhole Drill
This is one of my favorite butterfly drills to do because it oscillates the pull through and it helps swimmers time the pull and the breathing. This drill starts by sculling in the water with your arms sculling back and forth and doing freestyle kick. When you’re ready, do a dolphin kick and pull through the water and take a breath during the pull. Your arms should pop out of the water at the end of the pull as you drive yourself forward. Your pull through should be in a shape of an old stone keyhole, hence the name of the drill. To get back into the sculling position, bring your arms back under your body and begin sculling again.

Thanks for watching. Head on over to EffortlessButterfly.com if you wanna get the rest of the drill series.

I hope you have a great week of training. I’ll see you next week.

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