Uncovering The Breath Training Secrets Used By Olympic Swimmers with James Fletcher
James Fletcher joins us in today’s podcast to discuss breath training techniques for athletes. With a Physiology background to his name and previous time spent working with members of the Australian Olympic Swimming team such as James Roberts and Cameron McEvoy, James Fletcher’s knowledge of breath training is invaluable.

In this podcast, we talk about his specialization in breath training, his scientific and measured approaches and how his techniques can aid swimmers ranging from the elite to the casual weekend warrior.
In this episode we discuss:

02:01 – James Fletcher’s background and Cirque du Soleil.
05:00 – Breath Training.
07:05 – Differences in Breath Training between a 50-meter sprinter and a 10k swimmer.
13:21 – The Foundation of Fletcher Method.
19:41 – Frequency of the Breath Training Programs.
21:23 – Difference from other Breath Holding Methods
24:54 – Pre-Race warm up for Inspiratory Muscles

For more information about James Fletcher please visit: http://www.fletchertechniques.com/

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