In today’s podcast, we discuss the Rottnest Swim and recap everything that happened during the channel swim.

Joining us on the podcast are the winners Solomon Wright and Heidi Gan, who won the male and female sections, both in record times. We discuss how 6- weeks of intensive training in the lead up to the race led to Solomon’s under four hour time and Heidi’s four hour and twenty-one minute time. They talk about how they fuelled; their pacing, their strategy and how both of them had an interrupted lead-up, as well as how they overcame this struggle. Join Lisandra de Carvalho, a guest we’ve had in previous episodes, and my friend as we discuss our personal experience at the race.

Here some points that we have talked about:

Solomon Wright
-Solomon’s injury before the race.
-Going for the “Rotto Feel”
-Feeding on the race.

Heidi Gan
-Rottnest swim compared to 10k marathon swims.
-Having a slow pace at the start.
– Feeding strategy.
-Flu before the race.

Lisandra de Carvalho
-The swimming community.
-Conditions during the race.
-The swim results.
-The mental battle.

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