EP 243:Becoming Unbreakable with Kate Galliett

The podcast that helps you improve your swimming, love the water and live a better life.


My guest today is Kate Galliett, who has a degree in Exercise Science and has been a strength and fitness coach for 21 years. In this episode, we will talk about ways to achieve an unbreakable body. Tune in now!

01:13 Got A Degree In Exercise Science
02:47 What Does An Unbreakable Body Mean?
03:20 Adopting The Signal Response Principle
06:36 Explorer’s Mindset
07:47 Three Main Tenants To The Explorer’s Mindset
12:27 Focus On Things That Are Working
13:01 Six Pillars Of An Unbreakable Body
14:37 Strong Feet
15:48 Hip Mobility
16:35 Strong Glutes
17:38 Strong Torso
18:30 Shoulder Mobility
19:11 Strong Posture
22:50 Digging Deep Into Posture
25:15 Do This To Improve Neck Range Of Motion And Mobility
28:15 Having Issues With Shoulder Pain?
26:38 Internal Rotation And Shoulder Blade
32:45 What Exercises Can You Do For Your Shoulders?
38:47 We Need To Believe In Our Bodies
40:39 Too Old Is A Myth
41:11 Have A Short Daily Routine For Our Signals
42:54 Longer Workout Is Not Better
43:49 Theory Of Zones Of Tissue Tolerance By Scott Dye
46:09 Maintain Your Zone Of Homeostasis
47:53 Keep Up With Kate!

Get to know Kate:

Kate Galliett is the woman behind The Unbreakable Body, where she helps people to become Unbreakable so they can live life as fully, deeply, and energetically as possible is the only thing Kate has ever cared about.

She’s personally experienced what it’s like to live life on the other side of the coin, where aches, pains, and a distrustful relationship with her body held her back from living life fully. And in fact, you wouldn’t have recognized her then as compared to now. But over the span of 20+ years, she’s taken what she’s learned on her own journey and taught it to others so they too can feel Unbreakable.

Kate has been a strength and fitness coach for 21 years. She earned a B.S. in Exercise Science and went on to study a variety of certifications and training, all of which helped her curate the holistic approach she takes to body care today. She recently published her first two books, Becoming Unbreakable: How To Build A Body You Love To Live In, and a companion journal, the How To Be Unbreakable Field Journal. You can find Kate’s work at www.theunbreakablebody.com and www.fitforreallife.com.

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Amazing swimming and fitness podcast

Love, love, love listening to Brenton and his guests. Always learning something new to add to my swim sets with drills or training sets. Also very motivational guests with great tips to add to your fitness routine. I love the stories of the longer distant swims and what’s involved. I’m always smiling after listening to these podcasts!! Thank you so much !!!!



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Brenton and Mitch were great to work with at the clinic, Good to get video analysis to work on straight away, practice some new drills and go home knowing what you need to work on.

Alex McFadyen