Andre ObradovicThis episode’s guest is Andre Obradovic. Andre is a mindset, health and well-being coach. Andre specializes in sleep coaching. He works with executives and athletes in helping them get more control of their sleeping habits.

In this podcast, Andre and I discuss:

  • the importance of sleep
  • how it can affect your performance in the pool or in triathlon
  • how it can affect your decisions and effectiveness when it comes to work, family and sport
  • how you can utilize new technology to track your sleep and performance

02:20 – Hero or just sleep-deprived?
07:49 – The Relationship of Mental Fogginess and Sleep
10:24 – Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep
11:03 – The Power of Power Naps
18:47 – Your Physical and Mental Work
19:30 – How Athletes Can Get Better Sleep and Perfrom Better
24:58 – Building Habits of Being Prepared
34:57 – Lack of Sleep = Alcohol in Your System
41:00 – Bad Sleep Causes Weight Gain
44:50 – How To Work With Andre

Here are additional notes Andre has provided:

  • During sleep the bulk of your naturally occurring human growth hormone (HGH) is released. This aids in muscle repair, which also occurs primarily while you sleep.
  • Sleep allows your brain to recover and organize and make sense of your day/life. 7-8 hours is normal in adults, 9-10 in teens, 10+ in younger folk. Add time for activity.
  • Napping is helpful, especially for cognitive function, alertness and skill absorption
  • One night of inadequate sleep won’t derail your performance, but several nights will.
  • With a complete lack of sleep, most people would die in 10 days or less.

With inadequate sleep, re: not enough or disturbed through multiple interruptions, loud ambient noises, sleep apnea or your beautiful new baby the following slowly results:

  • Less HGH than maximum is produced, resulting in incomplete muscle repair and testosterone reduction, meaning less muscle and more fat on your frame.
  • Mood, judgment and coordination are all negatively impacted.
  • Time to fatigue is decreased (you get tired more quickly).
  • Perceived exertion is increased (things feel harder than your physiology dictates).
  • Heat management is impacted.
  • The stress hormone cortisol level increases (this is bad).
  • Reduction in insulin sensitivity (re: increase in insulin resistance – also bad).
  • Inflammation in your body increases, which has a long-term correlation with cancer.
  • Increased appetite and associated weight gain.
  • Immune system is compromised; you become sick easier.
  • Long term, linked with diabetes, obesity, heart disease, falling asleep at the wheel, and in general, dying before you should.

Watch a video of how the solution works and download a copy of the PDF of one of Andre’s sleep report here.

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