Escaping Sleep Deprivation with Andre Obradovic

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Andre ObradovicThis episode’s guest is Andre Obradovic. Andre is a mindset, health and well-being coach. Andre specializes in sleep coaching. He works with executives and athletes in helping them get more control of their sleeping habits.

In this podcast, Andre and I discuss:

  • the importance of sleep
  • how it can affect your performance in the pool or in triathlon
  • how it can affect your decisions and effectiveness when it comes to work, family and sport
  • how you can utilize new technology to track your sleep and performance

02:20 – Hero or just sleep-deprived?
07:49 – The Relationship of Mental Fogginess and Sleep
10:24 – Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep
11:03 – The Power of Power Naps
18:47 – Your Physical and Mental Work
19:30 – How Athletes Can Get Better Sleep and Perfrom Better
24:58 – Building Habits of Being Prepared
34:57 – Lack of Sleep = Alcohol in Your System
41:00 – Bad Sleep Causes Weight Gain
44:50 – How To Work With Andre

Here are additional notes Andre has provided:

  • During sleep the bulk of your naturally occurring human growth hormone (HGH) is released. This aids in muscle repair, which also occurs primarily while you sleep.
  • Sleep allows your brain to recover and organize and make sense of your day/life. 7-8 hours is normal in adults, 9-10 in teens, 10+ in younger folk. Add time for activity.
  • Napping is helpful, especially for cognitive function, alertness and skill absorption
  • One night of inadequate sleep won’t derail your performance, but several nights will.
  • With a complete lack of sleep, most people would die in 10 days or less.

With inadequate sleep, re: not enough or disturbed through multiple interruptions, loud ambient noises, sleep apnea or your beautiful new baby the following slowly results:

  • Less HGH than maximum is produced, resulting in incomplete muscle repair and testosterone reduction, meaning less muscle and more fat on your frame.
  • Mood, judgment and coordination are all negatively impacted.
  • Time to fatigue is decreased (you get tired more quickly).
  • Perceived exertion is increased (things feel harder than your physiology dictates).
  • Heat management is impacted.
  • The stress hormone cortisol level increases (this is bad).
  • Reduction in insulin sensitivity (re: increase in insulin resistance – also bad).
  • Inflammation in your body increases, which has a long-term correlation with cancer.
  • Increased appetite and associated weight gain.
  • Immune system is compromised; you become sick easier.
  • Long term, linked with diabetes, obesity, heart disease, falling asleep at the wheel, and in general, dying before you should.

Watch a video of how the solution works and download a copy of the PDF of one of Andre’s sleep report here.

If you’d like to take Andre’s special offer of sleep analysis with 14 days capture data + 1 hour of coaching insights for $249 here are ways you can get in touch with him:

Phone: 03 94390359 use the IVR press 3
SMS: 0428 868 916
Email: [email protected] use Effortless Swimming Offer in Subject
Web: www. – just click the enquire box on either package and mention Effortless Swimming and Andre will apply discount in payment details
Social: Andre Running Obradovic

Offer ends February 18th, 2016.


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Amazing swimming and fitness podcast

Love, love, love listening to Brenton and his guests. Always learning something new to add to my swim sets with drills or training sets. Also very motivational guests with great tips to add to your fitness routine. I love the stories of the longer distant swims and what’s involved. I’m always smiling after listening to these podcasts!! Thank you so much !!!!



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Brenton and Mitch were great to work with at the clinic, Good to get video analysis to work on straight away, practice some new drills and go home knowing what you need to work on.

Alex McFadyen