westchester-masters-clubDavid Samuelsohn is coach and founder of Westchester Masters Club in Larchmont, New York. David wrote a great article called Lose the Limp for a More Powerful Freestyle and in this podcast we’ll talk about that and:

  • how to make adjustments in your breathing and rotation to get more power from your stroke
  • the key principle he includes in every work out
  • the common freestyle errors and how he corrects them
  • plus more…

01:13 – What I Learned from The Olympics
02:00 – What is The Freestyle Limp?
03:20 – David’s Theory About “Natural Feel For The Water”
06:50 – The last 50…
09:40 – David’s Favorite Set
14:35 – “In order to swim fast, you have to swim fast.”
16:30 – Most Common Freestyle Error
19:44 – Different body types, different strokes…
23:30 – Is it worth pushing on?
23:40 – The Importance of Stress Management

Learn more about David and his work by visiting his Westchester Masters Swimming Association’s Facebook page here… and you can send him a message or email him directly at timeguy(@)gmail.com

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