blankIn this episode of The Effortless Swimming Podcast, we have Kim Schwabenbauer.  We recently had her as a guest and since the last podcast we had with her, she is now pregnant!  We talk about how it is to be a professional triathlete, to now being pregnant and what the future looks like for her.

We also talk about a few things she is studying from her Master’s degree:

  • immunity and diet
  •  how athletes can avoid getting sick and keep themselves in top health

03:22 – On being 21 weeks pregnant
13:06 – How The Experience of Working With Athletes Help in Being a Parent
16:34 – “Having a baby is just like doing an ironman…”
20:14 – How Prolonged Exercise Will Wear Your Immunity
23:00 – The Complete Recipe For Disaster For Athletes
29:20 – When Is The Best Time For Beer?
33:44 – Fundamentals of High Level Training
43:30 – The Convenience of Using Formulated Products
50:20 – “The Bloody Mary Gel”

I’ll be in the US this April running freestyle clinics. These clinics have been running for a couple of years in Australia. They’ve been really popular because of the results that swimmers and triathletes are getting. In these clinics, you’re filmed underwater and above the water and then given detailed analysis of your stroke to find areas you can improve and find speed. It’s followed by a pool session where we correct what we find in the filming to help you become a faster more efficient swimmer.

With swimming there are a lot to think about – your head position, body position, recovery, entry, catch and pull. There’s a lot of things that go into it. We simplify it. If you are a triathlete or a swimmer who is frustrated at your swimming not improving, then this clinic is a good fit for you.

If you’d like to book in for a clinic in the US click here. Note: There’s only limited spots available. See you there!

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