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Pushing The Limit With Craig Percival

In this episode of The Effortless Swimming Podcast, we have Craig Percival. He and his wife run the AquaShop here in Melbourne. That’s how I got to know him. He previously shared with us a short video with his tips in choosing the right wet suit. Click here to watch that video. Craig is an […]

The Complete Athlete with Andrew Read

Andrew Read owns Read Performance Training. His specialty is helping triathletes improve their results, overcome and avoid injury and be healthy for life through a different approach to strength and conditioning than most trainers. Discover how strength and conditioning play a part in endurance sports, the difference between goals versus systems, the process to building strength, which habits that […]

How To Win A Double Ultra Triathlon with Rait Ratasepp

Today’s guest is Rait Ratasepp. Rait is a member of  Effortless Swimming Membership Program – our online swim coaching community. He just completed the Double Ultra World Cup in Hungary and won in convincing style. It’s a double ironman distance triathlon. In this podcast, we cover his training, the things he focused on for his swim and […]

The One About Run Mechanics For Swimmers (with Olympic Run Coach Bobby McGee)

“He runs like a swimmer”. Yep, we swimmers have a look about us when we’re running that makes us look like ‘fish out of water’. This podcast is all about how a legendary run coach is changing that. Bobby McGee, 5x Olympic run coach joins me on this episode of the Effortless Swimming podcast. This […]

How To Be More Confident In Open Water

I went down to watch the Ironman Melbourne this weekend which was absolutely awesome. There were over 2000 competitors starting at once in the age group category. It was pretty choppy conditions and it was really rough particularly out the back. Quite a few swimmers I saw started the race and then said no I […]